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Weldability Evaluation in Autogenous Welds of ALloys 230, 825, and 800H

Alloy 800H, Alloy 825, and HA230 are potential alloys for high temperature applicatios. Among several weldability issues of the alloys, solidification cracking was the subject of study due to high Cr Ni-based alloys and stainless steels being (often times) susceptible to solidification cracking. The technique of Cast Pin Tear Test (CPTT) had been subjected to Alloy 800H, Alloy 825, and HA230 to evaluate the susceptibility to solidification cracking.  The CPTT suggests that Alloy 230 and Alloy 825 show similar susceptibility to solidification cracking while Alloy 800H shows the highest susceptibility to solidification cracking. The maximum pin length with 0% circumferential crack of Alloy 230 and Alloy 825 is 0.75 inches where Alloy 800H show shows over 10% circumferential crack. Measurement of the circumferential cracking at the same pin length is repeated up to 5 times to verify the repetitiveness of the test and to secure the credibility of the test. Fractography of the CPTT samples has revealed an interdentritic failure, which verified the failure during CPTT was due to solidification cracking.


Industry Sponsor: Shell

Faculty: Boian Alexandrov (OSU)

Graduate Student: Sanghyun Suh

Industry Contact: Jorge Penso