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Norman Zhou is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, and is also a member of the Waterloo Institute of Technology at the University of Waterloo.

He has held the University Research Chair in Microjoining since 2014, and is also the Director of the Centre for Advanced Materials Joining (CAMJ) at the University of Waterloo. CAMJ aims to develop innovative technologies for materials joining, including micro- and nano-joining. CAMJ collaborates with leading companies in the industry for research and development, and also trains and works with students.

Professor Zhou’s expertise lies in the areas of advanced welding and joining technologies, nanomaterials fabrication in applications such as water treatment, and laser processing of shape memory alloys. His research at the CAMJ has applications in several areas such as microelectronics, medical, and automotive industries. Professor Zhou’s research goal is to develop practical interconnection and assembly technologies of nano-devices.

He has authored and co-authored over 250 refereed journal papers and several books, including “Microjoining and Nanojoining” and “Joining and Assembly of Medical Materials and Devices”. Professor Zhou is a fellow of ASM International and the American Welding Society, as well as a co-founder of