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Corrosion Resistant Weld Overlays for Pipelines, Oil & Gas, and Petrochemical Installations

Problem: Pipeline failure due to corrosion. (top right image)

Relevant Industries: Pipeline, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical.

Current Solution: Apply corrosion-resistant nickel or stainless steel weld overlay to inner diameter of pipe using HW- GTAW or similar process. (bottom right image)

Literature: Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) process produces weld overlays which corrode up to ten times slower than overlays produced with GTAW, with up to four times higher deposition rates.

Industry Need: Majority of research into weld overlays produced with the CMT process has been done solely with respect to nuclear applications, need for process optimization directed towards oil and gas applications.

Research Question: Can more efficient weld overlays be produced using the CMT process without sacrificing quality?


Industry Sponsor: PRCI

Faculty: Boian Alexandrov (OSU)

Graduate Student: Tim Babyak, Sam Luther

Industry Contact: Jorge Penso