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Exploration and Development of New Technologies for Coke Drum Fabrication and Repair


Coke Drums are pressure vessels, used in the oil and gas industry, that are subjected to severe thermo-mechanical cycling. The operation conditions significantly compromise the life of these vessels, and cause tremendous production loss due to machine downtime for repair. Welding procedures performed from the inside of the vessel are the most common solution to repair the damaged regions. Compared with internal repair, external welding repairs are more advantageous due to efficiency and cost saving; however, external welds are more susceptible to re-cracking during subsequent operations. Therefore, this project addresses a thorough investigation on the effect of welding processes and materials on the low-cycle fatigue performance of welded joints, with the objective of contributing to the development of repair technologies for coke drums


Industry Sponsor: Shell, AZZ, Stress, Suncor

Faculty: Antonio Ramirez (OSU)

Graduate Student: Shutong Zhang

Industry Contact: Jorge Penso, Darren Barborak, Adam Rowe, Gao