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Large-Scale Additive Metals Manufacturing using Non-Gravity Aligned GMAW (LSAMM – NGA)


  • This project is based on extending GMAW LSAMM to non-gravity aligned orientations using a combination of pre-planning strategies and real time sensor control.
  • Two main parts to accomplish this:
    • Development of innovate framework for CAD to Path capable of slicing and planning sections of a part in non-gravity aligned directions. 
    • Development of a real-time control system capable of monitoring the build and correcting for deviations as they occur


Industry Sponsor: ORNL MDF, EPRI, ITW Hobart

Faculty: Bill Hamel, Suresh Babu

Graduate Student: Josh Penney & Logan McNeil

Industry Contact: Bill Peter, Andrzej Nycz, Mark Noakes ORNL MDF; Joe Bundy, Dustin Wagner, ITW Hobart