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Thermal-Sprayed Cladding Optimization for Steel Drill Pipes


Application of Thermal-Sprayed Cladding
•Drilling for oil can be a costly process due to the frequent failures of expensive drilling equipment, for instance, excessive wear on steel drill pipes caused by friction. 
•A new MPEA coating was developed to improve the toughness while maintaining the wear rate.


Twin-Wire Arc Thermal Spray (TWAS) Process​
•The MPEA was based on findings for the FeCoCrNiMo0.2 comprised of an FCC solid solution with spinel oxides. Reported wear rate was 3.90 × 10-5 mm3/Nm.
•A cost effective composition was developed using ThermoCalc and could be achieved by arcing two wires of different compositions together.
•Oxide content is largely effected by air pressure which can be modified to improve wear.


Industry Sponsor: Devasco International

Faculty: Stephen Liu, Zhenzhen Yu (CSM)

Graduate Student: Wesley Ott

Industry Contact: Joe Scott, Hai Nugeyn